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Karina is a passionate and enthusiastic singing teacher who has always encouraged and inspired me to continue developing my skills as a singer, during and beyond my years at school. Karina’s guidance has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to make progress with my technique.


Karina’s in-depth knowledge and experience allows her to conduct her teaching with a multitude of different technique approaches, where she adjusts and experiments with her students in order to find the best route to achieving the technique for the individual student. She is always thoroughly prepared for our lessons, and exhibits patience and respectfulness towards all. She encourages her students to explore voice genres they may not have tried before, thus opening new doors of opportunity. Karina is an excellent vocal teacher, and person, who I have so much respect for and whom I admire. 

- Emily, South Australia

Karina has been my singing teacher for six months now and I would not want anyone else. She’s very friendly, approachable and accommodating. As a beginner in my mid-twenties, I was very nervous about taking lessons. However, Karina’s approach of tailoring lessons has allowed me to find my voice and carry the confidence gained from learning how to sing into everyday life.


I love her style of teaching, her patience and her ability to pin point exactly what we need to work on. Karina is a great vocalist and teacher who has made me appreciate the beauty in finding and expressing my own voice. I just love working with her!

- Helyn, Glasgow UK

I have had singing lessons with Karina since 2018, and as a Chorister and amateur soprano, she has helped me improve on technical skills such as breathing, voice and diaphragm control, working on achieving a smooth legato sound, vibrato, syncopation, articulation of words to create the right sound etc... Karina’s lessons are very informative, and great benefit is obtained from her vast experience and qualification as a Professional Soprano and performer; yet informal and fun. I enjoy her happy, positive and constructive comments and helpful tips and strategies. In addition to my own musical pieces, she has also provided me with various song suggestions, preferred and suitable classical, opera, theatre and Celtic folk genres. Nothing is too much effort... she has always been very reassuring and encouraging. Thank you Karina!  


- Fay, South Australia  

Karina is a fantastic teacher who has helped my voice reach a point that I never expected. Her lessons are fun and engaging; they will leave you laughing at yourself as you try to do abstract exercises. Most importantly she has given me the confidence to perform for others. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sing.

- Kyle, Glasgow UK

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